Thursday, January 5, 2012

The New Year/New Appointments

This afternoon I finally went in for my appointment with Dr. D. When I met with him back in the end of November we agreed that I should have more tests run before I have my two frozen embryos put in me. In December, I had a crap load of blood taken to recheck for blood clotting diseases and also check for some rare ones that they didn't check before. They also ran tests on all of my chromosomes. I'm still waiting for all of the results. It's a good thing I'm use to playing the waiting game. At this point, I will be totally crushed if all this time I have had something that a simple blood test would have revealed. But at the same time, I would be relieved to find out why I have miscarried and maybe, just maybe, if something can be fixed, and I'm lucky enough to get pregnant I can successfully deliver our child into the world. I'm still hopeful. This afternoon, I was lucky enough to have an endometriosis biopsy performed on me. Yes, I'm starting the year out right. It hurt, but was over quickly. Hopefully, I will be giving a clean bill of health and they won't find anything unusually with my uterus. They won't have the results for a week or two and I'm going to try to stop thinking about it. I have been walking around for days wondering if I have a hostile uterus, maybe it really is a dark, scary place where life can not grow. For now, I'm going to drink a glass a wine, catch up on all your blogs and think positive thoughts about lovely soil!