Sunday, January 16, 2011

Just My Luck

So I made a decision to see the new doctor and am working on getting the referral from my primary doctor and having my old records transferred when I received an official letter that I may have jury duty. Of course, just my luck. The day of my appointment (Monday) I have to call the court house that weekend to see if my number is called and if my number is up I have to report. Could they be more vague? Although, I do appreciate the advanced notice it just puts me in a bad spot, do I reschedule my appointment now assuming I will be called? Or do I plan on going to the doctor hoping that my number isn't called? But, if it is called that I have to cancel on a very short notice, which seems so rude. Maybe this is just a sign that I should wait a little longer. But I'm starting to feel like my time is running out. So many of may friends that started trying to get pregnant the same time I did have one or even two children now. I'm trying to stay optimistic though.

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