Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Roller Coaster of Emotions

This last week I've felt like I was back on a crazy roller coaster of emotions, many ups and downs. I met with my new doctor who I love . He is very personable, optimistic, and has the highest success rate with IVF in our area. I feel really good about him and his practice. Unfortunately, his office does not take our insurance and it cost me $220 for our first visit and an additional $950 to schedule IVF in April. My feelings of goodness and love have turned into major anxiety. Suddenly I wish our finances were better. I have came down with a cold and my best friend is currently in the hospital with major heart complications. I've been taken her five year old every weekend, who I love and adore, but my stress level seems high and now I have all of these "what ifs" running through my head. What if this isn't the right time? What if it doesn't work? What if I'm still left childless at the end of all of this? I'm generally very positive but right now I feel like I have a gray cloud swarming over me and I need it to pass quickly. Any suggestions on how to eliminate stress and anxiety?


  1. Hey! Fertility stuff!! emotions, periods, crying... been there done that LOL. Truth is best decision we made was to stop trying but I wish you luck and I'm sure like everyone else we know it will happen to you, just hang in there!!


  2. Thanks, I hope so. I have talked to so many people who have stopped trying and it happened for them. But since we have been trying for 5 years I don't think we fall in that category. I won't lie at times this all can be very stressful, but I don't want to have any regrets and I'm not ready to give up on my dream of motherhood. Thanks for reading my blog and your support.