Thursday, April 14, 2011

Cysts and IVF-Day Three

Yesterday was such a hectic day. I was up and out the door at the crack of dawn to be on time for my ultrasound. Again, I really miss the girls at my last RE's office, they were so friendly. I went to my new RE's satellite office since it's closer to me than their main office. Their satellite office is also an OBGYN office, so it was a little strange. I'm not use to the kids toys and very pregnant women in the waiting room. But I survived. My wait wasn't long and the ultrasound tech seemed very thoroughly. She looked at my left ovary first and said it looked great, three little follicles already forming. Then she examined the right ovary and found a cyst, 2.5 cm. She stated that she doubted that my doctor would start me on the medications, but wait for the nurse to call. So I left thinking my life was on hold one more month. At 3:00 I still hadn't heard from the nurse who normally calls me so I called the office to find out she was off for the day. Of course. The receptionist transferred me to another nurse who stated that they normally do IVF even if there is a little cyst there. I expressed my concerns, and she said the doctor would call me. I really don't want to be a difficult patient, but since we are paying for this out of pocket and who knows if we will ever have the funding again I want to do everything we can do to be successful. The doctor called me last night and said he wasn't worried about the cyst. That my hormone levels looked great, my thyroid levels were back to normal, and the cyst would not effect the number of eggs I develop. He also stated that if the cyst is still there when he takes out my eggs he will just drain it. Of course I was concerned about the cyst causing a miscarriage. He made me feel better and my DH (C) told me last night I should stop worrying. That we should trust the doctor, he is highly recommended and he feels confident that he will do everything in his power to make this work for us. So I'm trying to be positive, have faith and just let the chips fall where they may. But boy is this difficult. I started the Gonal F last night and go for another ultrasound tomorrow morning. I'm hoping for lots of healthy eggs this time. Has anyone else gone through IVF with having a cyst?


  1. Yay for starting stimming! I personally haven't had a cyst during IVF, but I know there are others that have - successfully... I like your hubby's advice - trust your doc, and go with the process... Good luck at the ultrasound - can't wait to hear about your rockstar follicles!

  2. Thanks Alex. I'm starting to get excited.