Saturday, April 2, 2011

Moving Along

This week seemed a little hectic with trying to prepare for IVF. The nurse from my new RE's office called this week telling me there were three problems. One they did not have any of C's stuff, the lab had missed testing me for Chlamydia which needed to be done before IVF, and my vitamin D was low. I don't recall us ever talking about us providing a sample for C since his numbers have always looked good, but I guess it makes sense. The nurse suggested that we go to a local lab, she would fax me the lab slip, since we live two hours from the doctors office. When I asked her where she recommended to go she said she had no idea. I really am missing the girls at my old RE's office. Sure, the doctor there had some issues, but the girls that worked there were wonderful. After calling three of our areas local labs and telling them my story, I found a lab that could help us. So because C couldn't take anytime off work this week and I have a pretty flexible job; I was the lucky one who got to deliver the package. It was so strange dropping it off at a regular lab where everyone else was waiting to have their blood work done and I was reaching under my shirt to pull out the package I was trying to keep warm. Oh the life of being an Ifer; if it wasn't for having a good sense of humor I think we would all go crazy.

I went yesterday morning to have my blood taken again at the lab that forgot the one test. I learned an important lesson yesterday, when the phlebotomist comes out and says she is a student, ""Do you mind if I take your blood?" Just say NO. Of course I know everyone has to learn a new job at some point, but I think I was this girl's first patient. She put the needle in too deep, so needless to say it was not a good experience. Her supervisor had to take over and take the blood in the other arm; and I have a big bruise this morning in the arm that the student phlebotomist tried to take blood from. Again, I miss the phlebotomist from my old RE's office. She was wonderful! C has had to remind me that the new RE is a lot more thoroughly than the old one. I know we made the right choice switching, it's just that things were way more convenient at the old Re's office.

Started taking Vitamin D no problems there! After receiving some really good advice I'm seriously considering putting the IVF on hold while I have some more tests run. I'm going to call and talk to the RE on Monday. I just want to make sure I do everything in my power not to miscarry again; that's if we are lucky enough to become pregnant. Thanks for the support and advice I really appreciate all of you.

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  1. That phlebotomist sounds awful! Oh I hate giving blood when someone doesn't really know how to do it! Can't wait to hear what the RE says!!!