Friday, April 15, 2011

Day Five Frustrations

What a frustrating day today turned out to be. I'm trying to stay optimistic but it is so hard. The Re I'm using has a wonderful reputation but it seems that I'm having an awful time with his office. Maybe because they are sending me to their satellite offices that are closer in location for me. I appreciate not having to drive two hours there and two hours back for an ultrasound, but this is getting bizarre. I'm starting to wish I never changed doctors. C. just reminded me that he has an incredible reputation, a higher success rate than our last doctor and costs way less; but I'm starting to feel like I bought a used car. We haven't paid yet for the IVF and I'm thinking about throwing in the towel on this cycle.

This morning I went to a new location to have a ultrasound. There were no problems there. They had all of my paperwork and were expecting me. The ultrasound tech examined me and found two follicles on my right side and one follicle on my left. I couldn't see the ultrasound which bothered me. I asked her if there was a cyst on my left side and she said no it was a follicle. At this point, I'm not sure if the cyst went away or the cyst and the follicle are one in the same. Next I was on to do blood work at the building next store. However, they didn't have my lab slip. No problem I would call the doctors office. After waiting on hold for what seemed like forever the receptionist said she couldn't find my nurse but would fax the lab slip over. That's when the girl at the lab, that my doctors office sent me too, said they couldn't take a lab slip from my doctors office. They would have to fax it to the main hospital and the main hospital would have to send it over which could take hours. What a crazy policy. I asked the girl if they could fax me the slip and I could hand it to her but she wasn't amused. So my doctors office ended up faxing the lab slip to me at work and I went to the lab by my work. However, by this time it was already after 9:00, between drive time and me having to stop at work to get the lab slip. The lady at the lab told me she wouldn't be able to get my doctor results that evening and I started to cry. It seems silly now but the whole morning had been so frustrating. She felt bad and said she would see what she could do.

I went to work and waited for the nurse to call me. She finally called around three and wanted to know why I hadn't called about the lab misunderstanding. This really set me off but I was calm and told her I was concerned about only having three follicles. She stated the doctor didn't discuss that there were any problems with her and she said to just keep taking Gonal F and return for an ultrasound on Monday. When I asked to talk to the doctor she said she would just schedule me an appointment with him and have him to do the ultrasound at their main location on Monday morning. I hung up with her feeling completely dismissed.

I called back around 4:30 and the phones were already shut off but I left a message with the after hours services that I would like to talk to my doctor since I was thinking of cancelling my IVF cycle. A doctor (not my doctor) did call me back and agreed that the three follicles were not good but did think I should stay on the medicine and come in Monday morning for the ultrasound. If I didn't have any more follicles we could always cancel the IVF.

I'm so bummed out about this. I really want to be positive but it just seems like things are not lining up this cycle. I hate to stay on this medication which is crazy expensive just to have the cycle cancelled Monday. But I also hate to cancel it. I'm so tired of waiting. I just need this time to be successful. I know there are no guarantees but it seems like luck is not going our way so far. C. thinks I should take the medicine all weekend and meet with the doctor on Monday. So for now that's what I plan to do. Would any of you stop the cycle or is it to early to tell?


  1. Oh my goodness, I am right behind you in this IVF step. So, I don't have any advice, but I am so with you in your confusion. It is scary! What to do? Who to ask? How much money to lose? I hear you, and I wish I could help...but I am with you!

  2. I'm so sorry this is so frustrating and confusing! At this point, it may be too early to tell and I would continue with the meds as instructed until Monday. But I know it's hard. Hang in there, and make sure you talk to your doc on Monday! Hugs!