Sunday, April 10, 2011

More Waiting

I feel like I am constantly waiting, but also feeling optimistic that my miracle will come. I don't mind waiting as long as there is a happy ending. The nurse at the RE office called me Friday to tell me she had all of our results finally and everything looks good except for that C. has low Vitamin D. The lab would like to see it over 30 and he was only at 18. So 2000 Vitamin D a day for him too. It seems strange that we are both low on Vitamin D, but the nurse stated lots of people in Michigan are low this type of year. That makes sense, since we haven't seen the sun in six months. It appeared today and it was gorgeous. I tried to get some extra Vitamin D today to make up for the long winter. I talked to my nurse about running a few more tests to make sure we weren't missing anything, since I'm still concerned about miscarrying again. When she called me back she said the doctor agreed, but didn't really feel it was necessary. I know he is doubling my progesterone since that was so low before and I will stay on the thyroid medication which could have caused problems to. But I just dont want to miss anything. The Fed Ex man delivered my package of drugs to me at work on Friday. It's overwhelming to look at all of the drugs together. So I'm just trying to concentrate on positive thoughts for now. More blood on Monday and then just waiting for AF to come. I'm secretly praying that AF will not arrive and by some miracle we will actually conceive on our own. Wow, to be like one of those couples who just have sex and have a baby! Life is such a crazy journey!


  1. How exciting that your IVF is coming soon! But how much more exciting would it be to have a little miracle baby? OK, now you have me hoping too!!! :)

  2. Good luck on this cycle! Hopefully the thyroid meds will make a difference and this will be it!! :-)

  3. Thanks ladies for your support!